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Speed up your laptop

Speed up your laptop

Speed up your laptop if need good performance for your laptop. First of all you can defragment your hard drive to speed up your laptopĀ . Most people believe that defragmentation can harm the laptop seriously. But there is no such thing like that. The only job of it is to organize the programs so that your hard disk becomes clutter free. It certainly does not harm your disk drive. Further more you should regularly defragment your disk, say, for about every 4 months, depending on the amount of work you do each day.
Many times there occurs a situation in which the laptop takes a lot of time to load and your time is wasted (must be speed up). This is because there are so many unwanted and memory consuming programs piled up that the RAM takes a lot of time to load them. With so many program loaded, there is a heavy load on RAM and it does not function well, thus effecting the speed of other programs. It is thus better that you buy software or download it online, the one which removes these unwanted programs.
speed upThe internet files temporarily downloaded should also be removed because some times these can carry viruses and most often they take up ample space so it is better to delete them once they are used. The following step to speed up your laptop is also very important. This is the disk clean up step. Through this you can improve your laptop working. This feature detects the files that are useless, malware type and are rarely used. When you click enter, it deletes all these files and clears the recycle bin too. Further more it may zip up the same category files and perform similar actions to ensure that the RAM does not have an over load and functions properly.
You should keep your registries clean. Even if one of the files get corrupted, your laptop can face severe damage, so it is better that you use a good registry cleaner and use it frequently. This can greatly enhance the performance of your laptop. You should also get a good antivirus and keep updating it because each day new types of viruses are being made and enhanced protection needs to be there.
Further, you should keep your computing device in a cool area. If it gets over heated, its functionality will be most affected. Finally the most important thing to speed up is that you should always keep on upgrading your RAM and hard disk. This can greatly improve the working of your laptop. Because the larger space you have, the fewer burdens will be on the components. Follow simple steps and increase your laptops’ functionality and speed.

speed up now.
Source: http://www.electrocomputerwarehouse.com

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  1. zulfikar says:

    how they affect the mainboard, if adding ram to speed up laptop?

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